We strongly recommended that all puppies and kittens be spayed or neutered by the age of six months.  Spaying females prior to them experiencing their first heat greatly decreases their chances of mammary cancer, while neutering a male eliminates the risk of testicular cancer.  Population control and behavior issues are also important aspects to consider. Spay and neuter patients are admitted into the hospital for the day.  Prior to the procedure, each patient receives a complete physical examination by the veterinarian, pre-anesthetic blood work and pre-emptive pain medication.  Patients undergo a comprehensive pre-surgical preparation.  Our electronic monitoring includes: ECG, oxygen levels, heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature.  Each patient receives intravenous fluids throughout their procedure.  Our surgery suite is clean and sterile.  All instruments are autoclaved, and the team’s attire includes full body gowns, caps, masks, and surgical grade gloves.  Our patients are continuously observed from their initial sedation until they are fully awake and alert.   During discharge, each client receives thorough written and verbal aftercare instructions. 


Ultrasonic Scaling and Polishing.   Each patient is given a dental examination in addition to their routine regular examination.  Recommendations are made in an effort to prevent dental disease. When preventative measures are no longer enough patients may be scheduled for a routine dental cleaning or in some cases more extensive dental work.  Patients are admitted for the day and receive a thorough examination by the veterinarian as well as pre-anesthetic blood work prior to anesthesia.  Once anesthetized, patient electronic monitoring includes; ECG, oxygen levels, heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature.  Patients receive intravenous fluids throughout their dental procedure.  The teeth are scaled and polished using an ultrasonic dental machine.   All instruments are sterile or disposable.  The veterinarian performs any necessary extractions.  Each patient’s record includes a detailed dental chart.  The teeth are sealed with Oravet Sealant and we recommend using Oravet Prevention Gel to decrease future tartar build up by 50%. Dental health is important for your pet’s overall health 

 Digital Radiographs
 Digital radiographs with an expert opinion from a board certified radiologist.   Digital radiographs are not only used for diagnosing fractures.  They are also regularly used for diagnosing cancers, finding abdominal obstructions, and viewing the heart and lung fields.  The digital radiograph allows for instant, clear images that can be fine tuned with our advanced software.  This science permits easy transferability which gives us the ability, if necessary to send the images via email to Petrays, where a board certified radiologist evaluates the images.  Within a few hours of receiving the images a written report is emailed back to our practice.     Patients needing digital radiographs are admitted into our hospital for the day.  Light sedation may be used to ensure quality images for those patients who may experience discomfort during the positioning for radiographs or for patients that may be nervous.  Radiographs provide us with a great deal of important information to assist us in diagnosing and treating our patients. 
 Accurate and timely results provided by in-house testing and the use of Idexx Laboratories. Westside Animal Hospital offers complete laboratory testing.  Our in-house tests include: complete blood count, blood chemistry profiles, urinalysis, and cytology.   Idexx Reference Laboratories offer a comprehensive directory of test and services.  All in-house tests are processed same day and most out of house tests results are received within 24-48 hours. 
 Emergency Services
After hours coverage is offered until 10:00pm Monday-Friday. We participate in an on-call rotation program with other local veterinary hospitals. By calling our office, clients and patients will be directed to the on-call veterinarian. If your pet has an emergency after 10:00pm during the week or on the weekend after 12:30pm on Saturday, you will be referred to a 24 hour emergency hospital. The emergency hospitals we refer to are:

CAVES in Concord, NH: (603) 227-1199

VESH in Deerfield, MA: (413) 665-4911

 Traveling Ultrasound
 Provided by David Sobel, DVM MRCVS of Metropolitan Veterinary Consultants. The ability to have an ultrasound performed on premise provides our clients with advanced care.  Ultrasound examinations are scheduled on a weekly basis. Please visit Dr. Sobel's website at for additional services provided.   
 Purina and Science Diet prescription diets. Nutrition is an important component to every pet’s healthy life style. It begins with selecting an appropriate puppy or kitten formula to support your pets growing needs.  After passing the one year mark it means choosing a maintenance diet that will keep your pet at a healthy weight while providing energy for your pet’s activity level.  As your pet reaches his/her senior years special prescription diets may be required.  We carry Purina and Science Diet brands that offer a variety of prescription foods.  Our prescription diets include: weight management, dental prevention, kidney and urinary tract formulas, hypo-allergenic diets and more.  Our computer generated feeding guides allow us to calculate your pet’s specific calorie requirements. 
 Senior Care
 At the age of seven patients are considered seniors.  To keep senior patients at their best and ensure longevity additional care is needed. Westside Animal Hospital follows the American Animal Hospital Associate guidelines for senior pet wellness.  A physical examination is recommended every six months. Since our patients cannot tell us how they are feeling, wellness testing is a simple and effective way to monitor your pet’s health.  Among other components, the senior care exams focus on: heart and lungs, body weight, dental health, changes in appetite or activity levels, and osteoarthritis.  Blood work and urinalysis may be recommended depending on each patient’s examination findings.  The blood work and urinalysis can provide us with a base line for your pet’s normal ranges or help us detect the early stages of disease.  The earlier a disease is diagnosed the more proactive we can be in treatment and preventing progression.  The goal of senior care is to ensure the optimal quality of life and to slow the progression of age-related disease.          
 Permanent Identification. As collars and tags are easily lost, microchipping provides your pet with permanent identification.  When the identification chip is scanned, a personalized number is displayed that is linked to the owner’s information in the PetLink database.   Most veterinary hospitals, humane societies, and animal control divisions have microchip scanners.   The ResQ Chip has no registration or annual subscription fees and provides telephonic or website customer support 24/7.  Whether your pet is lost or injured the faster an owner can be located the faster appropriate actions can be taken